Rooms are available still starting at $129 per night.


CLAY SHELBURN will be playing LIVE along the Paluxy River on April 19, 2020

For those who don't know Clay, Back in 2013, he and his friend Zac Stokes, picked up a child's toy guitar and cranked out Pride and Joy that has since gotten nearly 8 million views on YouTube.  Clay has since moved to Nashville and is working on the release of his 3rd release.   

FREE CONCERT - Open to anyone.  VIP Seating to those who book a hotel room for either the night of April 18 or 19.
Contact Us at or call 254-897-2929 




Each Evening After the Wine Festival on June 12 and June 13, 2020 come back to Inn on the River for more Live Music while sitting along with Paluxy. 

There will be food, drinks and music!  Book Your Rooms NOW to save!

More Details to Come Soon!