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Inn On The River

Glen Rose, Texas


            Inn On The River has enjoyed a rich history since its turn of the century beginnings.  At that time the city of Glen Rose was known as a health resort where thousands of people would come each year for the abundant natural springs and artisan wells.

            In 1916, George P. Snyder, a native Californian, built “a drugless sanitarium”.  People would come for curative mineral baths, fresh grown food and regimented schedules.   Dr. Snyder was so successful that he had to expand his business many times to accommodate the 3,000 patients whom annually took their pilgrimage to see him.

            In 1919, Dr. Snyder built a two-story structure on his expansive property, which by that time had encompassed a full city block.  The building contained 35 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and a large lobby with twin staircases.  That building remains today as Inn On The River. It was one of the seven buildings that created his sanitarium complex. The George P. Snyder Sanitarium, furnished to house a capacity of 250 guests at one time, including a banana grove, a sleeping pavilion, a carbide plant for lighting and a small zoo with an ostrich named Judy. It was declared “the greatest institution in the city of Glen Rose” by the local newspaper in 1924. This landmark sanitarium was so successful that during the depression Dr. Snyder’s deposits were credited with saving the Glen Rose bank from bankruptcy.

            Dr. Snyder died in 1942 and his family and associates operated the sanitarium until the 1970’s.  It lay dormant for several years until it was purchased, restored and reopened in 1984, as Inn On The River.  At this time, new life was brought to the neglected Inn and the remodeling provided 19 rooms and 3 suites, all with private baths.  A conference center was added in 1989.  In early 1993, massive internal renovations were made and extensive landscaping additions were completed.  An additional meeting room and expanded kitchen facility was added to the conference center.

            Because of its outstanding contribution to the heritage of Texas, on March 11, 1985, Inn On The River was recorded as a Texas Historical Landmark.  The Inn’s structural two-story appearance remains the same today as did 95 years ago.

            The ambling Paluxy River continues to serve as the backdrop to Inn On The River just as it did for the George P. Snyder Sanitarium. Three massive native live oak trees, centuries old, stand on the well-manicured grounds of the Inn. These oaks are legendary and enjoy celebrity status. A guest at the sanitarium wrote a song on the 1950’s titled, “The Singing Trees.” Elvis Presley later recorded the song on 1965.

            Inn On The River is acknowledged as one of the largest country Inns in Texas. It remains a charming, but elegant haven for individual guests and executive retreats.